Update on “A Song of Small”- Emily Carr stories on two Gulf Islands in British Columbia

The two shows already done of the three I had booked went well.

Andrea and David Spalding hosted me on Pender Island, and there was a sold out house.  Now it was IN a house, so 35 people pretty much filled the space, but what a wonderful, receptive, playful 35 folks they were! Emily was a happy gal, letting them in on her world of painting, writing, thinking and feeling.  As soon as I’d said the last words, I realized just how hot it had grown in the room!  Bless them, not one person in the audience made moan, or even whimpered.  My thanks to Andrea, David and each of those splendid people who came to hear me.

Saturna Island was a different experience, as Jane Dixon-Warren and I set up lights and set and props in a largish community hall, and readied ourselves for who knew how large a crowd later that night.  Not overly large as it turned out, but again, so willing to be taken.  There energy fed my work onstage, even when I lost control of my pencil or the papers I was working with, or stepped out of the lights so carefully arranged earlier.  We had a break and then gathered for informal stories about life on the west coast, Emily, a selkie legend, family reminiscences, tea and cookies.  Yet again I was enchanted by the beauty of people when they listen to each other, and tell their stories, whether my big presentation, or their own anecdotes.  For the first time I used a real easel as a set piece, and it was such a beautiful thing, a delicate but strong and clever wooden structure meant I think for being taken out for painting “en plein air.”  Now of course I want one all the time, but as I travel by bus, train or plane when alone on tour, it would have to be as light and small as this one, and it was a beloved antique, probably not replaceable by its owner, or reproduceable in the art supply shops of today.  Again, many thanks to Jane and Brian and the Saturna Arts Society for having me.

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