My new role as a facilitator

This January I started something new to me. I read about it happening in the U.K. – a storyteller invited experienced tellers to a facilitated group for working on stories. I have long wanted to find the vehicle for teaching others about things I’ve learned in the course of 27+ years telling stories professionally, but have not found a clear way to do that, except for giving workshops to beginners, or particular groups, like parents or teachers. Reading this article on a British teller, the way opened before me!

A small group, say five or six experienced tellers, plus myself, in a cozy setting. We meet for a session of work, with each participant bringing a story they want to tell that has a knot or a puzzle in it for them. The group listens to all or just a part of the story, then, through the use of constructive criticism, I facilitate and join in a discussion concerning the story and the teller’s work.

I ask a fee from each participant, less than my fee for one to one coaching. I have done two sessions so far. The first one had just one participant, but the next time enrollment doubled! In both cases it was very exciting, and I think we all learned a lot. I keep us on track too; it is easy to just get into chatting, and that is definitely not the point.
Since starting, I have heard from others that this is a popular activity in America, though I am not aware of it so much in Canada. May just be my own lack of knowledge.
All experienced tellers in the Vancouver area or elsewhere are welcome, I just like to have a chat first to see if we will work well together.

It is a drop-in, pay as you go proposition, so even if you are just visiting and would like to try it, come along. It is such a pleasure to dig deeply into the details of working out a story. Happy Leap Year everyone!

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