A Job, a giggle

My search for work turned up an unusual job for me last week.  I laughed out loud when I read the notice for it, sent me by a friend who knows me well.  I answered the ad and indeed, got accepted!  Two days later I packed up a suitcase full of clothes and headed across town.  I was to spend a very enjoyable day as the actor in a 30-second PSA about the not very enjoyable lung condition called COPD.  I was paid, which I liked.  I got to act, which I loved.  I got to see how television is made “on location,” which I found fascinating.  I also got to spend time with three other people and a dog.  Soo the makeup artist gently coaxed good looks out from behind my wrinkles.  Chad the cameraman was constantly inventive with lighting angles and backgrounds and a running, often hilarious commentary.  Once, when Soo was trying to freshen my makeup, a crack of his gave us both the giggles.  Trying to straighten our faces up we gave each other the giggles, then Jenn said something and we all had the giggles – though not the dog.

Jenn Strom was the creator and director, and she was so good at her job.  She welcomed input from all of us, but was effortlessly capable of making her own decisions.  She appreciated each of us, she was gentle, often praising work, but didn’t give up till she got what she wanted.  Which is very reassuring for an actor  – I could trust that she would not allow me to make a big mistake onscreen.  She also brought sandwiches from what must be a fabulous deli called Panne Vero I think.  Best goat’s cheese I’ve ever had.  The dog did not join in the joking around, but she was a trouper when we did our scene together.  Six hours after we started, we said goodbyes all round and I was on my way home, a contented person.

I still have a bit of a giggle about it, even now.  Remember I said I laughed out loud when I read the notice for the job?  Jenn’s request was for an actress who could cough, and appear out of breath when climbing stairs.  What’s so funny about that, you might ask.  When Noah sent me the notice, he said he was sure they would want me.  He knew I have a chronic lung condition of my own, called bronchiectasis.  The chief symptoms of this sort-of rare, non-contagious lung condition are, guess what? – a cough, and shortness of breath! This is the first time bronchiectasis has earned me money, and that gives me a giggle!

Ahem.  I am now going to try and put in a link to the youtube video so you can see this “piece of work.”


2 comments to A Job, a giggle

  • Peg

    This looks like it was fun, Melanie. Great spot! And a little bit like making lemonade out of the lemons…

  • Dear Peg,
    I believe you are the first person to leave a comment who was not trying to sell me something. Thank you for posting, and I enjoyed your reference to the making of lemonade. I first heard that comment in reference to a great young adult novel by Virginia Euwer Wolff, called Make Lemonade, as in ‘if life hands you a lemon….’ Do come again; I don’t post often, but I’m trying to be semi-regular and do it about every 10 days to 2 weeks. Hah!

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