School Shows

Presentations range from 45 minutes for a restless Primary group, to 55 or 60 minutes otherwise, with the exceptions of “Tristan and Iseult” which is 150 minutes long including a break, “A Song of Small”, which is 60 minutes long.  All presentations can have a discussion period added or included, if desired.  Fees are negotiable, and range from  $300 – $700 per show, depending on travel, audience, etc.

Whatever programme you choose here, be assured that storytelling will fulfill many of your educational goals. Among other things, it
• improves listening and speaking skills
• enriches vocabulary
• inspires writing
• stimulates the imagination
• encourages reading
• develops communications skills
• teaches values
• illustrates narrative form
• fosters cross-cultural understanding.

All this, and it’s also a simple delight!

The shows are listed according to the grade levels for which they are intended, i.e. primary, intermediate, middle, high.  I put different stories in a show, depending on the age level of the audience.   Not all shows are available all the time, but many are.

Just Friends
Primary only
Multi-cultural tales of friendship and co-operation that provide a jolly  way into discussion about the ups and downs of social interaction.  Songs and games are included.

Primary, intermediate
Folktales and history from the teller’s Scots/Irish/English/German/Dutch/Russian origins, combined with family stories gleaned from relatives and memory.  These stories can open the door to similar explorations in your own classroom or home.

One Ocean, Many Shores
Primary to high
The people of over 35 countries sit, so to speak, in a vast circle around the Pacific Ocean.  With this taste of story from just a few of these lands we can hold hands around the circle, celebrating our differences and our similarities.

Made in Canada
Primary to high
Canada is a big place, and hard to comprehend in its geographical and cultural diversity.  Let these Canadian folk and literary tales help create the country and its people in your  imagination.

The Snow Queen
Ages 6 to 11
This is the teller’s own adaptation of the Danish storyteller Hans Christian Andersen’s famous epic tale.  A little boy falls prey to a chance evil, and his friend, a little girl, must rescue him from a frozen half-life with the Queen of ice, frost and snow.

Water Wonders
Intermediate to high
Our forebears all over the globe honoured water in song and story.  In this collection, water is explored as metaphor, natural wonder and endangered resource.

Under the Greenwood Tree
Intermediate to high
Join Chaucer, Anonymous and others for tales of chivalry, romance, adventure and silliness, set in Mediaeval Western Europe.  Listen now to the same stories once told in the courts and cottages of long ago.

Myths Across Time and the Seven Seas
Intermediate to high
Myths are the tales of the gods and goddesses, the first men and women.    They are the oldest stories, the creation stories, the stories that explain “why?”  They are the underpinnings for literature and art in all cultures, and an acquaintance with them will reward the listener for a lifetime.

Tristan and Iseult
Middle, high
This tragic romance has been popular for 1,200 years.  It tells of the heroic struggle between passion and honour in three doomed lovers – the King of Cornwall, his long-lost nephew, and the Princess of Ireland.

A Song of Small
High(Grades 10 to 12 only)
Canadian painter Emily Carr was also a prolific writer, especially of short stories.  In this collection of her tales and journal jottings, we catch a glimpse of Emily as she saw herself.  Not necessarily the truth, but fascinating regardless.  This presentation is as much a one-woman theatre monologue as it is storytelling, and as such is an interesting exploration of the border between the two artforms.

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