A Song of Small

“As fire cannot help giving heat so Small’s happiness could not help giving song . . .”

– Emily Carr, from “Singing” in “The Book of Small”

Canadian painter Emily Carr was also a prolific writer.  She kept a journal, and produced volumes of short stories, some of which featured Small, the little scamp she created from her own childhood.

She portrays her life with honesty, humour and a keen, particular sense of observation.  family and animals, epiphanies and self-doubts, her awe in the face of nature, and her struggles as an artist working for many years with little support or recognition, all this and more comes to life under Emily’s pen.

“A Song of Small” is a window into Emily Carr’s world, held open for an hour by Melanie, using Carr’s own words.  It is a deft blend of storytelling and theatre that provides a telling glimpse into the life of an intriguing woman.

Listen to an excerpt from A Song of Small
A Song of Small Excerpt

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