Listening to stories reaches back to Melanie Ray’s childhood and her father’s renditions of Rapunzel.  She started telling them to amuse a wakeful little sister.  When Melanie grew up, she did the same for her daughter.  The daughter was 12 before her mum realized that she loved to tell to grownups too.  She bundled up that love with skills learned in the theatre, found a partner and set out as a professional storyteller.

That was in 1984.  Since then, she mostly works solo, the skills continue to develop with use, and the love of telling remains undimmed.  Her strongest gift might just be her ability to make even patent nonsense or the stuff of magic utterly believable.  Her use of English reflects her passion for words – their music, their “feel” – in the mouth, the heart and the brain.  The way she puts those words together, recreating Medieval romances, Canadian literature, personal stories and folktales from everywhere holds audiences in thrall from Tofino to Cape Breton, from Whitehorse to Winnipeg.

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