Melanie Ray has turned her actor’s experience and training to the art of storytelling since 1984. Her carefully crafted programmes are full of people you know, or wish you did, and she sets them down in scenes as vivid as the characters themselves. She uses the English language with precision, ease and delight. Melanie has been heard in schools and theatres, outdoors and in, on radio, television and CD. She has been heard by children and adults across Canada and beyond.

The joy she takes in language and performing fuels Melanie’s passion for storytelling. Her satisfaction in her art rests in seeing her audience members simultaneously listening to her and colouring the story with their own experiences, creating worlds both startlingly new and deeply familiar.


Melanie Ray weaves magic with words. Whether at a festival, in a school, or at a private function, she will captivate you.

Pull up a chair & listen . . .


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